The DCI process is based on partnership. In order to meet your needs, we need to work not just for you, but also with you. 

Starting a Lifetime Partnership with the First Meeting

Our approach adapts to your specific needs. We always start with an initial meeting where we can sit down or have a phone conference with each client. This is an opportunity to learn what's unique about you and your business. 

Often, our clients are coming from another insurance provider. We frequently discover that their current insurance program neglects their needs, sometimes without them even knowing it. 

We're here to listen, but also enjoy sharing. Building a trusting relationship requires mutual understanding, which means you get to know DCI as well.

Coming to the Table Prepared

Before sitting down with you for the first time, we research your business and industry for a deeper understanding and the most current information. DCI comes to each client interaction with a fresh perspective in order to mitigate current risks and solve concerns. 

With our risk management background, we utilize our research and discussions to conduct an in-depth assessment. We look at your specific situation and determine what insurance program will work best for you. 

Collaborating to Move the Process Forward

This cooperative approach ensures that we get on the same page before moving to the next chapter. Along with our understanding of your business and exposures, our professionals ask specific questions in order to provide an accurate quote. 

Connecting with the Best Providers

DCI takes all of these answers and insights into account to search for your solution. We search for coverage that meets all of your needs and concerns by going to several insurance companies and finding the best option. 

At times this process can result in an insurance program through multiple companies. Since we're aligned with many preferred insurance companies, we have the flexibility to consider multiple policies and piece together a complete program that is tailored to you. 

Partnering Through the Years

Once DCI earns your business, it doesn't stop there. We want you to always be in touch regarding changes, or considered changes, to your business. 

We will sit with you at the end of each policy period, or upon request, to see what has changed as time goes on. Our relationship with you goes beyond providing great service, it's having a partner who looks out for what's best for you now and in the years to come. 

Experience Our Process Firsthand

DCI can meet your insurance needs whether for your business or for you personally. Request a consultation and we can start getting to know you.