Insurance is a large budget item for condo associations, but uncovered claims can lead to a substantial financial loss.

Coverage That Provides Security

As an association board member or manager, you have to walk the line between saving the association money and ensuring that it is protected by reputable companies and comprehensive coverage.

Does your association have all the protection it needs?

Be Proactive to Avoid Special Assessments

Often, key coverages are cut in an effort to save money. This can be devastating when an association is faced with an uninsured claim that results in unforeseen financial loss. Depending on the extent of the damage, the board may have to tap into the association’s reserves, which can result in substantial depletion or a special assessment.

To give the board a clear understanding of its current coverage and potential risks, DCI makes a full comparison between our condo association insurance program and your current coverage for your board to review. This breakdown:

  • Highlights the differences
  • Indicates potential areas of risk
  • Helps the board make informed decisions

DCI Knows Condo Associations of All Shapes and Sizes

We have an in-depth understanding of condo associations and have specialized coverages for buildings of all types, ranging from small walk-ups to expansive complexes. DCI puts together a unique blend of policies from various insurance companies to meet every association’s specific needs.

Partnering with the Best Insurance Providers for the Ideal Coverage

DCI works with industry-leading insurance companies that specialize in condo association insurance. These partners have been writing association policies for many decades, with coverages that have evolved over time to meet the needs of today.

With these many relationships, DCI can offer multiple insurance quotes that match the bid requirements of your board. They can then propose the best policy to meet the board’s exact needs.

Time to Build Your Condo Association’s Coverage?

Request a consultation, and see how DCI can cover your association.