Insurance is personal, and helping people find the best coverage is the core of our business.

Insurance is in the DNA of DCI

DCI was founded by third generation insurance entrepreneurs Dave and Dan Constantine. Their father started an insurance agency with their grandfather, which means they have been around the business their entire lives.

Growing up, Dave and Dan had an inside view of the industry. By observing their father, they learned how to build a customer-oriented business, positioned for growth and founded on strong, lasting relationships with each and every client.  

It All Started with One Auto Policy

After Dave graduated from college, he knew that his future was in insurance. He had two choices: be a part of his father’s business or go out on his own. 

The entrepreneurial spirit led him to create his own way, and he founded a scratch agency. To gain a better understanding of the client’s perspective, the first policy he sold was coverage for his own car. From that one auto policy, the agency has grown to provide coverage for:

Dave’s brother, Dan, soon followed the family footsteps and joined DCI after graduating college. 

By starting their own agency, Dave and Dan have learned the needs of business owners first-hand. Their insights have been infused into every aspect of DCI’s approach to being an insurance partner.

We’re Ready to Work with You

DCI’s past is important, but we look forward to what we can do for you and your business today. The success we deliver now builds the groundwork for our ongoing partnership with you in the years to come. 

Learn more about our leadership and how our process can benefit you.