Food service is an art and a science. Ensuring you have the right restaurant insurance also requires experience and skill. 

Risk Is Around Every Corner

Restaurants function in a world of risk, from grills and knives to alcohol and allergic reactions. With so many risks, restaurant insurance coverage is very important. 

Does your establishment have coverage in place that takes all risks into account?

Consider All Aspects of Your Restaurant

Every restaurant is unique. Location, cuisine, clientele, and licenses all affect your coverage needs. DCI has extensive experience with the restaurant industry and knows the key aspects to assess when putting together a restaurant insurance program. 

We take the time to fully understand your operations and concerns. DCI makes sure your needs are met regardless of whether you have a single diner or an expansive restaurant franchise.

DCI Delivers Restaurant Insurance a la Carte

We do not try to fit all restaurants into a single program. We combine the insurance products from our partner companies to blend together a tailored program that benefits you best. 

DCI partners with a variety of carriers with specific specialties. So, regardless of your annual sales, occupancy, or average price per dish, we can offer a competitive solution for your needs. Our ability to provide a combination of policies from different companies and partners results in a custom insurance program that no other broker can provide.

Are You Ready to Insure Your Restaurant?

Request a consultation and learn how DCI can meet your specific needs.