Businesses and coverage needs change. Unchecked, this creates an opportunity for unanticipated risk to emerge. 

Lower Cost Does Not Lower Risk

When selling business insurance, other agents often remove coverage to lower the price in order to win business. These reduced costs may appear to be savings, but can lead to large gaps and exposures in areas owners might assume are covered. These cuts can result in much higher costs in the event of an uncovered loss. 

Is it time for a business risk assessment?

DCI Identifies Your Risks

An outside expert can examine risk exposures that you might have overlooked on your own. DCI’s business risk assessment reviews all aspects of a company to reveal gaps and/or areas for improvement. Sometimes these gaps are the result of incomplete coverage, which can be due to business changes over time. 

Identifying the exposures is the most important step in the business risk assessment process. By pairing our in-depth insurance knowledge and risk identification background with your personal insights into your business, we can help evaluate vulnerabilities and offer insurance solutions before they become uncovered claims.

Be Proactive and Prepared

If you know that there is a gap in your coverage, you can make a conscious decision on how to handle the exposure. It is best to approach risk head-on rather than waiting until after a claim has been denied.

DCI works with you for the best solution. Through our in-house and carrier-provided loss control services, we can work toward a safer and more profitable business for you.

Get Assessed Soon

Assessments are best completed after an initial meeting (in person or over the phone). We want to conduct our business risk assessment in a way that ensures your comfort and confidence. This is typically done in conjunction with the quoting process, during annual reviews, or upon special request.

Is Now the Time for Your Business Risk Assessment?

Request a consultation and we will help find and fix your exposures.